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November 16, 2012:


Moline Housing Authority has received a “high performance” rating for its Public Housing Program, and due to the score will reap the benefits of additional US. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assistance in Capital Fund Project. The Moline Housing Authority has always earned a high performance designation under HUD’S Public Housing Assessment System ( PHAS) Moline Housing Authority’s final Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS)  score for the fiscal year ending March 31st 2010, is 97, a point higher than the previous year.

This is the dream of every housing authority in the Country, and we are so very excited. This type of recognition allows Moline Housing Authority to receive 3 percent more HUD funding for Capital Fund Programs (CFP) in these difficult economic times, 3 percent more funding goes a long way, and in essence we are able to do greater things for the housing authority and the City for that matter.

Our objective is to prevent homelessness, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in safe, affordable and decent housing.

The Public Housing Assessment System measures the performance of the housing authority and enables HUD to better manage public housing programs by identifying the housing authority’s capabilities and deficiencies related to the administration of public housing.

PHAS examines all areas of a housing authority’s operations. Following are four types of indicators that are scored and the ratings that Moline Housing Authority received in each of the categories:

  • Physical 28 of 30 points
  • Financial 30 of 30
  • Management 30 of 30
  • Resident 9 of 10

The Board of Commissioners, staff and the residents of the Moline Housing Authority worked hard to make this happened, we are committed and dedicated to serving the community. At the Moline Housing Authority we provide housing and opportunities.

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Welcome to the Moline Housing Authority website. The Moline Housing Authority provides affordable housing to low income households that qualify with HUD standards. As the MHA chairperson, I am proud to work with the Executive Director, John Afoun, and our outstanding staff. It is because of their commitment and talents that we are able to give people a safe, well-kept environment. Leslie Stange-Crotty, ChairpersonMore...