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Work Order Requests

We encourage all residents of the Moline Housing Authority to utilize the online “Work Order Request” system as the preferred method to submit a request for maintenance and repair requests, but in case there is an emergency situation during MHA business hours (8:00am – 3:30pm) (Monday-Friday), you may contact the Moline Housing Authority staff directly at (309) 764-1819.

After 3:30pm on business days and anytime on weekends or holidays, please contact the On-Call Maintenance personnel at (309) 314-4272.

Emergencies include:

  • Natural or LP gas or fuel oil leaks
  • Any electrical problem or condition that could result in shock or fire
  • Absence of a working heating system when outside temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Utilities not in service, including no running hot water
  • Conditions that present the imminent possibility of injury
  • Obstacles that prevent safe entrance or exit from the unit
  • Absence of a functioning toilet in the unit
  • Inoperable smoke detectors

It is the policy of the Moline Housing Authority to charge tenants for any cleaning and maintenance repairs determined to be caused by tenant neglect and or abuse.  Please see maintenance charge list for charge details.  Tenants will not be charged if repair costs are determined to be the result of ordinary wear and tear.

*In the event of any life-threatening emergency, such as severe illness or fire, contact 911 Emergency Services.

Enter all information below to request a work order. Hit the submit button to send the form to the Moline Housing Authority office via e-mail.

Submit a Work Order Request