Spring Brook Courts

4141 11th Avenue A
Moline, IL 61265


  • These units are laid out in a court format and consist of 1 and 2-story duplexes and row houses
  • There are 51 buildings:
    • 6 3-plexes
    • 10 6-plexes
    • 7 8-plexes
    • 11 1-story duplexes
    • 14 2-story duplexes
    • administration building
    • maintenance building
    • community center/laundry facilities
  • The main office is located here.
  • All units carry individual street addresses. These addresses were assigned in 1998 to take away the stigma of having an address that included a Spring Brook designation.
  • There is also a park area with a basketball court, children’s playground, 2 pavilions (with picnic tables) and various benches scattered around.

Unit Types

Here are all the units at this property.

  • Family development
  • 54 1-bedroom apartments
  • 87 2-bedroom apartments
  • 31 3-bedroom apartments
  • 12 4-bedroom apartments

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Applications open only for 4-bedroom

PROPERTY SIZE: 184 units

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