Fiesta Manor

1014 5th St
Moline, IL 61265


Fiesta Manor is a rent-subsidized, project-based Section 8 apartment complex, consisting of six two-bedroom units. Fiesta is owned by the Moline Housing Development Corporation, a not-for-profit subsidiary organization of the Moline Housing Authority. It is located in the west-end of the city of Moline close to downtown Moline.

Unit Types

    Here are all the units at this property

    Family development

    • 6 2 – Bedroom Apartments


    PROPERTY SIZE: six units

    Manager’s Office

    4141 11th Avenue A
    Moline, IL 61265

    OFFICE HOURS: 8am - 4:30pm

    Property Manager

    Dana Munson

    PHONE: 309-764-1819
    EMAIL: dana@molinehousing.com