May 2020, Volume 5, Issue 2

May 1, 2020

Message From the Executive Director/CEO – Our Heartfelt Thanks

In the last few months, all of us have had to navigate unprecedented challenges that we never imagined we would be facing. We trust that you and your household are doing well and keeping safe during this global health crisis. Your understanding, flexibility, and loyalty have filled our whole Moline Housing Authority family with immense gratitude. Gratitude for your understanding as we asked you to adapt to changes made to keep you and our communities safe.

Also, for your flexibility in embracing electronic forms of communication versus in-person meetings. And, finally, for your loyalty in working together – then, now and in the future to help meet your needs After two months, we are happy to report that our COVID-19 response is going very well. We at MHA continue to adjust and respond accordingly to make sure that we are available to tenants and the Housing Choice Voucher participants we serve.

Also, we are doing our part to cooperate with social distancing, sheltering in place and any other measures our local and state governments would ask of us to help stop the spread of this virus. As an essential service, we are grateful we can use our resources to best serve our residents and housing choice voucher holders, and communities. Quickly transitioning our workforce to serve remotely helped us achieve our top priority; continuing to provide services while keeping everyone safe. We have an obligation to do our very best and will continue to respond with changes needed to support our residents and Housing Voucher participants during this time. We’ve been able to offer assistance to our residents and Housing Voucher Holders impacted by COVID-19 while continuing to provide services through all channels – electronic, phone, fax, and emergency maintenance and repairs. The pandemic has been devastating for so many, making it more important than ever to reach out with a helping hand. We have received Supplemental Public Housing Operating funding pursuant to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and will be assisting residents and Housing Choice Voucher holders in various ways in the coming months.

Most of all, we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve and assist you during this extraordinary time, now, and in the future. We encourage you to keep up to date with the latest pandemic-related information at We encourage everyone to do their part in preventing the spread of the virus by being a good neighbor and adhering to CDC recommendations including but not limited to social distancing and wearing a mask where appropriate. And remember, we’re in this together. With much gratitude.

FSS Program Up and Running

The new Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) for public housing and section 8 residents started in February with the hiring of an FSS Coordinator. Expectations for a quick start were soon tempered, however, by the intervention of COVID-19. Although the health crisis has not abated, MHA is moving forward with the program in such a way that does not compromise the safety of all interested parties. COVID-19 is under-scoring the importance of programs like FSS to help residents gain financial support and opportunities.

We know times are tough right now and wanted to make sure this program was available, especially for those who’ve been laid off, lost hours, worried about money, or just want to take advantage of this incredible program. Face-to-face meetings have been postponed for the moment, but correspondence, intakes, and paperwork are being conducted by telephone and mail. Keep your eyes open for posters and flyers in the housing authority’s public spaces, watch for postcards and letters in the mail, and look for the information posted on our website:

If you want more information about the FSS program, contact our FSS Co-ordinator, Jozett McCoy, by telephone at 309-277-0285 or email Jozett@

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)

Business as Usual during COVID-19 ant and landlord concerns and inquiries. There are some inconveniences related to the closing of the Spring Brook office to walk-in traffic, but communications are being delivered the old-fashioned way (telephone and mail) and by newer technologies (email and web). Some disruptions occurred because of unexpected staff departures in the department earlier this year, but that was quickly cleared up. We hope all participants in the program are having their needs met with the excellent service and timely responses that define the department’s high performer status. When the COVID-19 pan-demic hit our area in March 2020, the Moline Housing Authority did not close its Section 8 department or limit HCV operations. The HCV department continues to process interim and annual certifications, accept port-ins and port-outs, conduct inspections, and handle ten

Maintenance Corner Tenant and Staff Safety during COVID-19

As many of you know, the COVID-19 crisis has impacted how MHA is responding to resident maintenance issues. Our procedures have changed to protect both residents and staff from the spread of the disease. MHA has invoked a number of measures to strike a balance between safety and the provision of essential services. Callers to the office are asked a number of health-related questions prior to the scheduling of an in-person or in-unit maintenance request. We have also refined the priority of maintenance requests with emergency and high priority problems receiving an in-person response, and all other requests being reserved for a later date.

Residents have undoubtedly observed that maintenance staff routinely arrive at units wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) which would have seemed ridiculous before the COVID-19 era. Also, the annual unit inspections and monthly pest control visits have been temporarily suspended until the overall crisis situation improves. As an “essential” business, MHA is cooperating with, and abiding by state and federal government directives as we go about the task of serving our residents. Like you, we look forward to an end to this crisis and will continually modify and update our practices as the situation permits.

Despite the inconveniences we are all facing, you should feel safe and secure that MHA maintenance is working every day and that your safety is paramount in everything we do. If a maintenance issue or pest problem is dire, do not hesitate to contact our office — we will find a way to solve it.

Tips from Housing—MHA Operations and COVID-19

When our last newsletter was published this past January, the words “Coronavirus,” “COVID-19,” and “social distancing” were barely recognizable. Now those terms dominate the news and our everyday lives. By mid-February, COVID-19 was a looming crisis, and after facing the reality of its impact on Illinois, Governor Pritzker issued Illinois’ stay-at-home order in March. Throughout that period, and even after the governor’s proclamation, MHA stayed open as an “essential” business.

For everyone’s safety, MHA modified certain procedures and practices, mostly concerning face-to-face meetings, but has otherwise maintained operations with minimal disruption. The COVID-19 era requires responsible action and accountability by all if we hope to overcome this disease. As of this writing, people are to wear a face mask or face covering in public settings if they cannot maintain a 6-foot social distancing length.

Accordingly, we are encouraging all residents to wear a face mask or face covering whenever they leave their unit and ask that they promote PEER TO PEER/NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR accountability for everyone’s protection. PEER TO PEER/NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR accountability means that EVERYONE needs to be accountable. Don’t be afraid to mention this to any person you see in the laundry room and common areas of buildings (Hillside especially) who is not wearing a face mask. We must all cooperate to make this work. We are in this together – that means you, your neighbors and friends, and the Moline Housing Authority.

Important Dates


1 Rent Due HH Pest Control, Floors 1-5

2. HH Pest Control, Floors 6-9

8. SV Pest Control, # 1-60

9. SV Pest Control, # 61-120 10 SV Pest Control, # 121-182

15 Board Meeting 5:30pm SB Pest Control, # 1-64

16 SB Pest Control, # 65-122 18. SB Pest Control, # 123-184

23 Fiesta Manor Pest Control


1 Rent Due

3 MHA Offices Closed

6. HH Pest Control, Floors 1-5

7 HH Pest Control, Floors 6-9

13 SV Pest Control, # 1-60

14 SV Pest Control, # 61-120

15 SV Pest Control, # 121-182

20 Board Meeting 5:30pm SB Pest Control, # 1-64

21 SB Pest Control, # 65-122

23 SB Pest Control, # 123-184

28 Fiesta Manor Pest Control


1 Rent Due

3 HH Pest Control, Floors 1-5

4 HH Pest Control, Floors 6-9

10 SV Pest Control, # 1-60

11 SV Pest Control, # 61-120

12 SV Pest Control, # 121-182

14 Community Appreciation

17 Board Meeting 5:30pm SB Pest Control, # 1-64

18 SB Pest Control, # 65-122 20 SB Pest Control, # 123-184

25 Fiesta Manor Pest Control