Maintenance Corner – Preparing For The Cold & Pest Control Schedule

December 1, 2020

Winter officially arrives in December, so we are gearing up for the inevitable cold and snowfall. All apartments have adequate heat available, so please do not use your cooking oven to increase the temperature in your apartment. Not only can it produce dangerous carbon monoxide, but it will also cause the oven’s heating element to prematurely fail.

Now is the time to remove your air conditioner and/or properly insulate it to prevent cold drafts that could freeze your baseboard heat. If you are unable to suitably insulate around your air conditioner, or if you cannot properly and completely close your window, please contact the Management Office as soon as possible so that our Maintenance Department can help.

example of nicely insulated air conditioners at Spring Valley

There is no charge for a Maintenance consultation about your air conditioner insulation. During cold weather, all windows must stay closed. Failure to do so can result in an emergency entry by Management to close the window(s) and will lead to a lease violation for you.

As many of you know, Maintenance uses snow blowers and plows. It is impossible for them to see what is lying under the snow when using these machines, so please remove rugs, mats, and any other obstructions from your sidewalks before the snow hits.

Speaking of snow removal, Maintenance does its best to clear snow from the parking lot and around vehicles, but they cannot completely clear a spot if it is occupied by a vehicle. If you move your car during a snow, try to return it to a parking spot that is completely cleared rather than a partially cleared spot that happens to be more convenient for you. Over the course of the winter season, this will provide increased, safer parking for all.

You will notice a change to the pest control schedule in your 2021 MHA Calendar. Regular pest control visits will change to every other month starting in January. Please check your calendar for details, and we are counting on your support and cooperation.