Tips From Housing – Renter’s Insurance

April 1, 2022

MHA has long encouraged residents to purchase renter’s or tenant’s insurance for their protection. Such insurance provides liability insurance and coverage for the tenant’s personal property lost through events such as fire and theft. Just the other day, one of our residents praised how the insurance helped in her theft case. She described that her unit had been completely ransacked while she was away for an extended period. Fortunately, she heeded MHA’s advice and had renter’s insurance. She explained that the premium was very affordable, and she was ecstatic that the insurance company paid for her stolen and destroyed personal items.Herinsurance transformeda potentially catastrophic loss into a life lesson on how to help protect and recover from unexpected or unforeseen calamity. Other less fortunate tenants have sought relief from MHA when they, a neighbor, or mother nature does something that causesdamage in their apartment. Regretfully, MHA’s usual response is that we cannot compensate them for their loss and we hope they have renter’sinsurance.Weagainencourage all residents to at least look into the possibilityand benefits of renter’sinsurance.It is for your protection.