Tips From Housing – New Laundry Machines Coming In 2021

December 1, 2020

Like many of you, we have not been satisfied with the workings of our laundry rooms and equipment. The new year 2021 will bring significant improvements to your MHA laundry room experience. In addition to new machines, we will be bringing cutting-edge digital technology that will provide customers with options not currently available in the existing setup.

In early 2021, all sites will receive Speed Queen washers and dryers that are expected to be much more reliable than the worn-out machines now in place. In addition, Spring Brook and Spring Valley will each receive one oversize washer and dryer. Due to laundry room size limitations at Hillside, an oversize machine could not be installed.

In addition to new machines, residents will gain the option to add cash to their laundry cards using their credit or debit cards. Residents will also be able to download a mobile app to their phones that will allow users to 1) add funds through the app, 2) check laundry machine availability in real-time, and 3) receive alerts when a laundry cycle is complete.

Tenants who sign up for the new phone app will receive a free $5 added to their laundry card! There is a small price to pay for these upgrades. Current MHA laundry rates are far below the market rate and have not changed in over 5 years. Therefore, wash and dry vending rates will increase to $1.25 for the new machines. This is still much lower than what you would pay at local laundromats.

Also, the old laundry cards will be deactivated and we will be passing out new digital laundry cards compatible with the new system. Customers with a balance on the old cards will receive a credit or the funds will be transferred to the new cards.

Additional details will be provided when we get closer to having the new machines installed. We are excited about the proposed upgrades and hope they will bring a modern, easy-to-use experience that will improve service quality and higher levels of resident satisfaction.