Annual Inspections

MHA staff is required to perform at least one inspection of your apartment each year. MHA staff enters each apartment to assess their condition and determine if any repairs are necessary. MHA ensures the apartment is in compliance with US Department of Housing and Urban Development Uniform Physical Condition Standards. MHA residents are given advanced notice of the inspection. It is not required that a household member be present for this inspection. MHA staff will record any repairs and create any necessary work order for the repairs. If clutter or housekeeping issues are present, you could receive a lease violation. A re-inspection will be conducted to ensure that the correction is completed. MHA staff will also note any additional violations and take appropriate action.

Special Inspections

If a special inspection is needed at any time, MHA staff will provide at least 48 hours’ notice to enter unless an emergency situation exists. When MHA staff enters your apartment written inspection results will be left.

Pest Control & Housekeeping Inspections

MHA completes pest control/housekeeping inspections on a bi-monthly basis. Please refer to the MHA calendar for your specific inspection date. If follow-up treatment is required MHA staff will notify you of the appropriate information. If at any time you see pests in your apartment, please contact our office at 309-764-1819 to report this issue.