Annual and Interim Recertification

Annual Recertification

The annual recertification is an annual review of your household’s income, assets, expenses, and household composition and is used to determine your rent. The process begins about 3-4 months prior to your recertification date. MHA staff begins the process at this time because income sources must be verified with employers and banks. Typically, MHA provides a 30-day advanced notice of any rent increase. This process is a requirement and failure to properly comply could result in MHA taking negative action against the household. There are modifications to this process if you are paying the flat rent.

Interim Recertification

The interim recertification is a certification that is conducted when there is a change in your household income or composition. You are required to report any changes to MHA within 10 business days. This change must be submitted in writing on the required forms. Please contact MHA staff at 309-764-1819 for assistance with this process. Income decreases reported by or before the 20th of each month will be effective the first of the following month. Income decreases reported after the 20th day of each month will be effective the first of the second month. A decrease that is verified to last less than 30 days will not be processed.


If you have any questions during a recertification, please contact an MHA staff member at 309-764-1819.