Maintenance Corner – Space Heaters Are Dangerous

February 1, 2022

On January 9, 2022, at least 19 people were killed in a New York affordable housing building fire blamed on a malfunctioning space heater. It can easily happen here if we are not careful. As property owner and manager, MHA provides information, makes periodic inspections of units, and responds to work ordersto maximizeyour health and safety. Although space heaters are not prohibited, their use must be carefully monitored. MHA’s Rules and Regulations state the following about space heaters.

#22 Electric space heaters are not allowed in units unless they are connected directly to a wall outlet and away from any material that could create a fire or burn hazard. The resident must be present AT ALL TIMES whenever a space heater is in use. Space heaters cannot be connected to extension cords, power strips, or multi-prong devices such as surge protectors. The use of any gas, fuel, or propane heaters is strictly prohibited in units. MHA cannot be in every apartment to see if residents are following this rule or if smoke alarm batteries have been taken out. Residents must understand and take some personal accountability for their own safety. Please follow our safety recommendations, don’t tamper with the smoke alarms, and take responsibility for your own safety, and the safety of your children and neighbors. If you are unsure what to do, please call our management office and we will be happy to assist you with any of your questions and needs. Help us help you stay safe. The destroyed kitchen area of a Spring Valley Fire, heat and smoke damage can be devastating to an apartment after a recent fire life and property