Maintenance Corner – Cameras, Litter & Tubs

August 1, 2020


The installation of new digital cameras at Spring Brook, Spring Valley, and Hillside Heights was completed in late August. They have proved invaluable in a number of incidents involving misbehavior and lease violations on our grounds. The Moline Police Department also has access to camera footage and has relied on it to prosecute crimes. We are committed to securing the safety of our residents and will continue to use the cameras as an investigatory tool to ensure objectivity and fairness in all matters involving our residents and property.


The MHA maintenance crew starts each morning with a walk around the grounds to pick up litter. The time spent doing so takes away from other important maintenance tasks. It is shameful to see how residents and their children treat their neighborhood: discarded bottles, cans, face masks, clothes, food wrappers, animal waste, papers, boxes, bags, balls, and toys are seemingly tossed about, left for someone else to worry about. It is your privilege to live here, not your right.

Residents are responsible for their children and guests. If it is too difficult to pick up after yourself, we will assist you in relocating. Please be neighborly and responsible by taking pride in where you live.

Tubs and Water Damage

Maintenance has observed that a number of residents use their bathtubs to wash clothes. This is not allowed for a number of reasons. First, the harsh detergents and additives used for the wash eat into the protective enamel that coats the tubs, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs and recoating. Second, the washing activities cause water to splash outside the tub and onto the bathroom floor. This in turn leads to deterioration of the floor and leaking onto lower levels. Lastly, the constant moisture in the air from washing, wet floors, and wet items contributes to mildew and mold that can permeate throughout the apartment. Next time you complain about the tub or rotting bathroom floor, remember that all tenants received an “as new” apartment when they moved in. Normal wear and tear is expected, and accidents happen, but the damage caused by washing in the tub is recognizable by maintenance staff and will become the full responsibility of the tenant. A sampling of early morning leftovers from the previous day’s park activities