In The Spotlight – Tracy Bates

September 29, 2021

Tracy Bates joined the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program in August of 2020 because she needed to change her life and do something to help provide structure and support. “It’s like holding hands to help people on their way to prosperity.”Since becoming anFSS Participant, Ms Gates started her job at Christian Care where she helps find resources for residents. “I applied for the job four times before I was hired. It helped to have Jozett (FSS Coordinator at the time) encourage me to continue to apply.”

We asked about what she most enjoys about her job.

“I enjoy working with the residents and this is a way to give back to the community.”

When asked what she likes most about the FSS Program, she said it gave her a chance to set goals and she felt like she was not alone in trying to reach them. As for her financial goals, she uses her bank book and sets goals that encourage her to save.

“I am more structured in handling my bills.”

Eventually, she wants to find a career where she is able to use her skills to advocate for others. In the meantime she has two classes left at Western Illinois University to earn her Bachelors in Liberal Arts.

“Tracy has done so much in a short amount of time. We are so proud of her accomplishments, and I am thrilled the FSS Program has been part of her success. We can’t wait to see her reach her goals,” stated Jozett McCoy, FSS Coordinator. Moline Housing Authority wants to recognize all of Ms. Bates’s hard work toward reaching her goals. We are all so proud of her success. If you want more information about the FSS Program, contact the FSS Coordinator at 309-581-5097.