Community Resource – Every Child

February 1, 2022

MHA would like to highlight Every Child, formerly known as the Child Abuse Council. Every child is a bi-state, regional nonprofit agency that provides child abuse prevention, education and treatment programs for children and families. Their top priority is giving every child the foundation for a safe, healthy childhood. What happens before kindergarten matters. Zero to five is a critical period for children’s development. That’s why theyfocus on the earliest years in a child’s life to ensure a strong start for a healthy future. Every Child has expert staff able to provide multiple programs like Basic Training for New Dads, Healthy Families, Home Visiting, Safe from the Start, and Community Education programs. They are also available to just listen. This organization is dedicated to helping families give kids a safe, healthy childhood. For more information, you can email them at or call us at 309-736-7170. To contact a person Alyssa Acton may be reached at 309-736-7170 x 110.